Albert Costa artista

Albert Costa artist

He is a multidisciplinary artist. He has been academically trained in the contemporary avant-garde. As an artist, he develops his work from the theme of landscape. In the artistic installation "Projections", the environment plays a fundamental role as inspiration. In his artistic career he focuses on the landscape from a very personal vision. From different styles, always looking for new forms of representation, in different contexts. He works from series, faithful to the style of his projects, which change over time, according to the artist's needs and priorities. His works, from the most minimalist "Horizons" - which is made from the line, occupying extensive stripes of colors on the surface– until his latest series “Murmullos” –in which gesture, shape and color prevail. Always, with the landscape as a reference. The works of Albert Costa are located in the contemporary framework. When contemplating his works, they have a great visual impact on the viewer. Albert Costa has carried out group exhibitions. He has also been a finalist in international awards.