Projections series, YICCA Award finalist at Crocetti Museum

Albert Costa was born in 1981 in the town of Tarragona. Since his childhood, he had many capacities and aptitudes for drawing.

In 2004-2006 he had his first contact with the artistic world at the School of Art and Design (EAD), where he began to make his first works in the discipline of painting. He also experiments with resins and enamels. Thus beginning a process of experimentation and learning.


All this knowledge will be reflected in his different works, creating a very personal style, in which he experiments with action-painting, creating circular shapes on the surface.

Works that have very good acceptance in the teaching circle.

At the end of his studies, he still has concerns in the world of art. Finally, he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona (2006-2011). There he acquires both theoretical and practical knowledge in classes and workshops.

He shows great interest in the work of Miquel Barceló. Where references to his work appear in the painting. This one is very material, gestural and full of colour, with themes referring to daily life and the artist in his studio. These themes also influence his work.

But finally the destiny that awaits the artist is in photography. Where he also has many ideas, which are forming a peculiar language in his first forays.

Tests that are developed over time and that will later end with the final project called "Projections". An installation made up of three cubic structures with mirrors on each of their sides, which are located in different environments and spaces -as a sculpture or randomly-.


Projecting the environment on the mirrors, thus creating different perspectives of images that the artist captures with the camera. Through this installation, the reality and perception we have of our own environment changes.

Capturing these images in photographs, turning out to be very pictorial and innovative. Disconcerting the public in how he has achieved these photographs and what procedure he has used.

"Projections" has turned out to be a photographic composition with very good reviews; Selected in collective exhibitions and publications. As well as he was a finalist in the prestigious YICCA Award at the Crocetti Museum (Rome).